"3ayune" Photography Workshop

Refugee Lives Through the Eyes of a Child


I was selected last August 2015, alongside with Photographer Elsie Haddad, to be co-instructor at the "3ayune" Workshop for the kids of both Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Hosting Families in the town of Wadi Khaled, located on the border with Syria where the situation was, and still is, troubled to those living there to say the least.


"Syrian and Lebanese children from the Wadi Khaled area of North Lebanon rushed into the Art Lounge in Karantina for the opening night of the 3ayune (My Eyes) exhibit. It was the culmination of seven months of an intensive photograph workshop which brought together 46 Lebanese children and 46 Syrian children led by two professional photographers, Elsie Haddad and Natheer Halawani.

The initiative was part of an ongoing collaboration between the US Embassy in Beirut and Cives Mundi, an NGO which hosts relief projects, training programs, and cultural festivals all over the world."

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