Eves On Wheels


"Eves On Wheels", a photography project launched by Halawani, focuses on women riding bicycles in conservative areas. Some, as Halawani, an avid bicycle activist and cyclist, ride for the sheer love of it, while others consciously break norms and century-old traditions.

Since starting the project in mid-2015, 12 Eves have been interviewed in both Beirut and Tripoli. “Eves on Wheels” is still growing and should in the near future not only include more Eves in Lebanon, but also across the Arab world and other countries too.

The Exhibition

Halawani has exhibited "Eves On Wheels" project in its first ever public appearance in Tripoli, Natheer's hometown, in a massive presence of friends, cycling enthusiasts and members of the press as well.

The images were exhibited throughout April the 1st and the 2nd in Beit El Nessim. You may watch the exhibition's promo in the video below.

Eves On Wheels in the Media

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