I decided to buy me a toy camera, known as Lomo camera, for as cheap as 5$, just out of fun, curiosity too. Bought me some expired film and never had I imagined I'd end up with a bunch of eye-popping photos. Well, not all of them.

The photos were taken exclusively during my 2 weeks-long trip to Lebanon back in March 2015. The camera had put me in trouble, had made me the subject of people's mockery, and made the photography shop owner think I'm going insane. If only they'd see what this little 5$ baby managed to do.

Disclaimer: All shots taken in Tripoli, Lebanon.

That little piece of plastic has undoubtedly offered me something way more valuable than just a camera. I was demeaned to the point I became literally invisible, even to Army or security personnel who'd otherwise be instantly alarmed at the sight of a camera. Yet none of that happened, most probably assuming I was just fooling around.

The camera had put my in trouble with Security forces however, when the trooper wouldn't believe I'm an engineer/photographer documenting my trip with a cheap film camera. In the end though, they just let me go.

There's this something about film, you don't get to see your shot, you don't know whether it turned out a sharp, good image, or otherwise rubbish. I remember i'd push myself to go out at times only to be able to finish that roll and develop that film. The curiosity killed me, the anticipation got to the worst of me. It's definitely a serious matter when it comes to shooting in film.

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