RGH Photography Club

Founded in June 2013 with the support of the group's Marketing team, the Resource Group Holding Photography Club, later known as RFLXN, has seen the light officially on July 12th 2013 with its first session hosting 14 photography enthusiasts residing in the group. The club has witnessed 8 indoor/theory sessions on a weekly basis, 4 outdoor/practical sessions on a monthly rotation, and on-going tests & challenges that have all highly shaped up the morale and the skills of participants, in addition to growing their love to their cameras, one session at a time.

Contributors' Sample Work

Randa Samaha

Fouad Moghrabi

Ghinwa Sabeh

Souha Itani

Wadih Jabbour

Farah Sabbah

Sandra Hoballah

Chadi Badawi


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